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A year ago, we bet big, with a vision to truly disrupt the security industry — and ultimately help more customers stay safe from cyber attacks. The VMware acquisition of Carbon Black created a massive opportunity to leverage infrastructure and control points in new ways to make security intrinsic across any app, cloud, or device. As VMworld 2020 kicks off today, I’m excited to share how we are delivering on the promise of intrinsic security and helping our customers build a future-ready business.

What a Difference a Year Makes

Over the past year, we have focused on built-in, unified, and context-centric security. The VMware security business is now trusted by more than 20,000 customers across the globe. And today, VMware Carbon Black analyzes more than one trillion security events per day across millions of global endpoints, helping our customers gain insight and stop emerging attacks.

Preparing for What’s Next

There’s no doubt that the world is rapidly changing. Businesses are navigating one of the most significant disruptions of our generation. For many organizations, the key to survival has called for an accelerated shift to distributed workforces and migrating to private and public clouds. However, this transformation comes with evolving and unprecedented security challenges. Today, security is an essential element of business continuity and resiliency strategies. Our goal is to help our customers navigate this transition ensuring security is at the core of the digital infrastructure.

Innovation at VMworld 2020

In the accelerated shift to remote work, clouds and workloads have become critical along with the need to protect apps and data wherever they are – inside the data center, virtual machines, containers, or public clouds. To help our customers meet the security challenges of this moment, we are unveiling new and enhanced solutions at VMworld.

Introducing VMware Carbon Black Cloud WorkloadTM

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload is a new offering that will deliver advanced protection purpose-built for securing modern workloads to reduce the attack surface and strengthen security postures. This innovative solution combines prioritized vulnerability reporting and foundational workload hardening with industry-leading prevention, detection, and response capabilities to protect workloads running in virtualized, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

Eliminating the trade-off between security and operational simplicity, VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload increases visibility and provides a single source of truth for infrastructure and security teams that eases collaboration on key processes for a continuously effective security program.

Extending Workload Security to Kubernetes

Carbon Black Cloud Workload will continue to evolve to meet the security challenges that come with cloud adoption. The unique properties of the cloud – speed, agility, scale – mean developers are increasingly using containers to modernize applications. As with any major technology adoption, attackers are not far behind, looking to take advantage of new risk areas.

Adding to the momentum this past year, and extending intrinsic security to containers and Kubernetes, we acquired Octarine. Building Octarine’s innovation into the VMware security portfolio has allowed our team to further simplify and improve security for our customers. Later this year, we will introduce expanded offerings for Carbon Black Cloud Workload, including a new Carbon Black Cloud module for hardening and securing Kubernetes workloads based on innovation with Octarine. The new capabilities will give security teams governance policy, and control of Kubernetes environments.

Workspace Security VDI

Workspace Security VDI extends our intrinsic security vision to virtual desktops and applications. Workspace ONE Horizon and VMware Carbon Black Cloud are integrated into a single unified solution that delivers the next-generation secure virtual desktop and application infrastructure. This solution responds to the security challenges of a distributed workforce with enhanced malware and attack prevention. Workspace Security VDI goes beyond legacy solutions leveraging behavioral detection to protect our customers against ransomware and fileless malware.

Workspace Security Remote

Workspace Security Remote introduces a new solution based on Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management, Workspace ONE Assist, and the Carbon Black Cloud to secure physical desktops and laptops. This solution expands on the current Workspace Security integrations to provide everything organizations need to both remotely manage and secure Mac and Win10 endpoints. This is especially valuable in scenarios where organizations are looking to leverage IT to operationalize their security strategy and collaborate better with InfoSec teams because it provides access and visibility for management and security through a single console.

VMware End-to-End XDR System

As organizations shift to digital infrastructure and the threat landscape expands, security operations must evolve to serve the needs of the private and public cloud. To respond to today’s threat landscape, the industry must move beyond a siloed approach to endpoint detection and response (EDR), network detection, and response (NDR), and user behavioral analytics. It’s time to create a broader set of “camera angles” to bring these technologies together. Today, we are announcing the VMware End-to-End XDR System, a multi-year effort to build the most advanced and comprehensive XDR solution in the industry. We are setting a strong vision for the future-ready security operations center to deliver unprecedented visibility and remediation capabilities across endpoints, networks, workloads, and containers.

Security for Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Organizations are no longer buying time; they must now start to build and secure their businesses for the future of work. I am looking forward to taking this journey with our customers as we continue to drive innovations that meet the evolving security threats and challenges of today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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