It may sound crude, but the user is the weak link in any security solution. Devices can be lost, passwords stolen or guessed (easy ones like ‘Password123’), phishing mails are still massively opened and the hazardous links are still clicked, etc.

This is why good protection against unauthorised access is essential in order to guarantee the continuity of your company and to prevent data leaks!

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Multi-factor Authentication

A multi-factor solution offers more advanced authentication because it consists of a combination of something you know (password) with something you have (token, mobile phone, etc.) and/or a bodily aspect (biometric: fingerprint scan, iris, ear, etc.).

Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management (IAM) takes care of all aspects of access control, such as the authentication and authorisation of users and the access rights they have. The solution uses various techniques (password, two-factor authentication, biometrics) to determine whether the user is indeed the person they claim to be. Once the identity has been established, the solution determines which applications, services, and data are available to this person based on the user profile.

Privileged Access Management

Since privileged accounts give organisations unlimited access to their systems and data, these are the most interesting accounts for hackers to access. With a Privileged Access Management solution, you control and protect the process of granting privileged credentials. In addition, you control, monitor, and record the behaviour of privileged administrator sessions so that your audit and compliance requirements can be met easily. User behaviour analytics technologies allow you to monitor suspicious behaviour and unknown threats from inside and outside your organisation and rank them in order of importance.

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