Endpoints such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops are indispensable ‘tools’ for your clients. They provide them with working tools and access to information, both inside and outside the firewall. However, these devices increasingly contain or have access to sensitive data. This makes them an increasingly attractive target for cybercriminals.

Our Endpoint Security portfolio protects both private and business data and applications on the endpoint itself. It also ensures secure communication with programs that are offered from a data center or cloud. We offer the following solutions:

Our portfolio

Endpoint Protection Platforms

An Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) protects PCs, laptops, workstations, applications, and data from viruses and malware. Many additional elements have been added in recent years. These include a firewall, encryption of data, and the security of operating systems and applications with passwords, as well as behavioural analysis and Artificial Intelligence. Preferably, these solutions are cloud-managed & cloud-data-assisted. This way, the data can be monitored and stored at all times, remote intervention is possible, and no database with known IOCs (= Indicators of Compromise) needs to be stored locally, but the latest verdicts can always be found up-to-date.

Enterprise Mobility Management

An Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution consists of Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Originally, EMM was only used on smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, but the integration of laptops and desktops is also becoming increasingly possible. This evolution is called Unified Endpoint Management.

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) protects all business and private data at the endpoint from unauthorised access, modification, and deletion. The same applies to the data in the data center or the cloud that is accessed from that endpoint.

Application Security

Desktop applications and mobile apps are increasingly becoming the gateway to data. However, the number of vulnerabilities in this area is also increasing sharply. Application Security (AS) solutions detect and signal such vulnerabilities. Special solutions are available for apps on mobile devices, such as Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) and Mobile App Reputation Services (MARS).

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