What can RSA do for you?

RSA’s business security solutions help organizations manage digital threats and protect their valuable business assets. Scalable, user-friendly, easy to integrate, robust and equipped with renowned security features.

RSA believes that organizations should never change some things, such as the ability to dare to take risks that make the business grow. With its Risk Management platform, RSA offers companies a secure basis for taking the right risks. Because only by taking risks can you make a difference. 

RSA has developed a broad portfolio of security solutions that gives organizations the opportunity to control the security risks and at the same time offers the opportunity to grow and continue to distinguish themselves. RSA focuses on 4 solution areas:

Identity & Access Management

Help your customer accelerate their business and reduce identity risks, while having secure and efficient access to their business data anytime, anywhere. RSA SecurID® Suite is an end-to-end Identity and Access Management solution with integrated functionalities such as authentication, access management, risk analytics, identity management and user lifecycle management. In addition, the Suite supports both cloud and on-premise systems.

Advanced Threat Detection & Response

The RSA NetWitness® Platform is the most versatile Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) platform on the market. It uses an intelligent combination of logs, packets, endpoints and deep knowledge of cyber threats on the one hand and machine learning and security analytics technology on the other hand to detect and eliminate cyber threats at lightning speed.

Integrated Risk Management

What risks can your customers take to grow their business and what risks can they not take? The RSA Archer® Suite gives you full control over the complex risks that organizations face. As a Risk Management platform, RSA offers organizations in the public and private sector all best practices and a user-friendly software platform to stay on top of risks.

Fraud prevention platform

The RSA® Fraud & Risk Intelligence Suite protects users from data breaches, identity fraud, and other today’s cybercrimes on both the web and mobile devices. With a 95% fraud detection rate, over 1 million cyber attacks eliminated and 1.5 million customers worldwide, RSA is the most efficient fraud prevention platform on the market.

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