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Being hit by ransomware feels like lightning strikes the entire organization. The difference? Ransomware hits the same place twice. So it’s about time for your customer to take action.

Ask any entrepreneur what keeps him awake at night. Chances are high he/she says it’s the business. As long as business continuity is guaranteed and invoices can be sent, the director will get a good night’s sleep. Then ask him immediately if he has taken precautions against the biggest threat to his business continuity: ransomware.

Goodbye quote & important e-mail

By taking important files or even entire desktops hostage, ransomware literally causes huge problems for organizations. Away goes that quote, say bye bye to that important email. Finances freeze and if customers and suppliers are also aware of the situation, the company’s image immediately gets a big snap.

Ransomware was set up around 2015 and is the world’s largest cyber threat in 2020. The number of ransomware attacks increased by 500% in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the same period last year. An organization is hit every 14 seconds. And we’re only talking about companies. Individuals are attacked much more often.

Ransomware cost the world economy 20 billion

The damage is enormous. Ransomware is expected to cost the global economy more than 20 billion dollars in 2021. That’s 57 times (!) as much as in 2015. Incidentally, these costs have little to do with the payload that cybercriminals demand in exchange for your files. It is mainly about system damage, downtime, data loss, research and recovery.

Chances are very small that your customer has never heard of ransomware. And yet, as a trusted partner, there is an important task for you to protect them from this damage. You should advise them to limit the risks to which employees are exposed and implement a good endpoint security solution.

Intelligent endpoint security

Investing in an intelligent endpoint security solution is key to secure laptops, smartphones and tablets. A platform that integrates endpoint detection and response (EDR), advanced malware protection and exploit protection into a single vendor solution.

An intelligent platform, what exactly does that mean? It means that security teams have access to the right insights and information to make the most difficult decisions when it comes to incident response.

The only right solution

Make your customers aware of the danger called ransomware and offer them the only correct answer. Contact our security specialists to discuss the possibilities.

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